The online Congress allows us to consider other approaches to the prevention and healing of our various physical and subtle bodies.


Let’s not talk here about the cost of health, but about the richness of having it, preserving it, and even regaining it.

Irresistible health is a state of mind that appeals to our power to reclaim a capital of balance, vibrations, perfections and alchemies bequeathed to us by the Universe.

Irresistible health calls for global, integral health; that which uses the entire potential of the human being, at the physical, energetic and mental levels.

Irresistible health calls for the understanding of the messages of illness to continue our evolution as spiritual beings living a human experience.

Irresistible Health allows us to awaken the healer within each of us.


The 100% online event is dedicated to the general public that gives practical keys to transform our state and own our irresistible health.

The IRRESISTIBLE HEALTH Congress is the only French-speaking event, 100 % on line. Dedicated to the general public, it offers keys to understanding how to transform our state of health and break down resistance to the blossoming of the healer within each of us.


The conference is aimed at a wide audience. It is composed of men and women who want to establish new criteria on the need to prevent, preserve or recover personal health.

The people who attend the Congress have many things in common; they want to:

To explore in consciousness, new ways out of ailments and diseases, to change their frequency to boost their health, to access the understanding of the bodies to heal life, to make their daily lives a springboard for assured health and longevity.

All these people wish to raise their level of overall health, prevent disease before it occurs, reduce our « medical dependency » and access « another » consciousness to live in health.


A valuable group of renowned experts, scientists, healers, « miracle workers », teachers and leaders in personal development and new spirituality therapists.

They all share wisdom, skills and insights to help us improve our health, at all levels of our being.

Here are some of the experts who have participated in the Congress in previous years





Dr Olivier Chambon


Marie Lise Labonté

Dr Jean-Jacques Charbonier

Jean-Philippe Brébion



Jean Marie
Le Gall

Dr Eduard Van den Bogaert


Léonardo Pelagotti

Dr Christian Agrapart et Vincent Agrapart,


Montserrat Gascon

If you join us in this adventure

  • You contribute to inspire, to offer hope by supporting the idea that health is a universal capital and that it is possible to evolve in consciousness towards the prevention and the healing of our different physical and subtle bodies.

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Some Figures:

Olivier Ferrer Profile:

In January 2020, I experienced a health challenge; the most important of my life. It was the trigger of a quest leading me to the conceptualization and realization of this congress for the betterment of all and for my own connection with compelling health.

In January 2020, I experience some fatigue with a strange response from my body. An emergency coronary angiography is requested by my cardiologist following a stress test. It ends with the discovery of a coronary artery blocked at 99%, the beginning of an infarction and the immediate installation of a stent. Placed in intensive care and under serious medication, I found myself in a dead end of understanding and in a maze of physical, medical, existential and spiritual questions.

Since that day, I have spent much of my free time searching, reading, understanding, exploring… I have met with experts, doctors, healers, sages and I have discovered that, despite my « knowledge », I did not know the vulnerability of my body and even less its tremendous power.

“It is in times of illness that we realize that health is priceless. »

I made the decision very quickly to do this event to share my discoveries with you and continue to journey together towards compelling health.



This congress brought me so much; my 10 year old boy who will also find a new mother... less worried, more confident. Thank you
This Congress is a precious treasure.
...and I was hesitant to listen to these conferences because of prejudices! What a treat, what lessons! Thank you so much

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